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Crucible 2023

Saturday, February 25, 2023 – 6am to 6pm

What is the Crucible?

crucible |ˈkro͞osəbəl|

  • a ceramic container in which substances are melted or subjected to very high temperatures.
  • an occasion of severe test or trial: "the crucible of combat."
  • a place or situation in which different elements interact to produce something new.

You cannot leave.
You will not quit.
Nobody leaves unchanged.

Twelve hours of training in lockdown mode – you show up, bring your absolute best, and stay for the entire 12 hours ... no matter what!

Deep training in martial arts skills, high-performance skills, and mindset to make you stronger, more focused, and more effective.  Meditation, self-evaluation, planning, relaxation, mental "framing," sports psychology, and more.

$40 for JMAC members/$50 for non-members.

Register Here!

    Section 1: 6:00am - 9:45 am

    • Striking
      • The Flywheel
      • Kickboxing
      • Karate

    Section 2 : 10:05am - 1:45pm

    • Takedowns & Throwing
      • Using strikes to close distance
      • The clinch
      • Takedowns
      • Throws

    Section 3:  2:05pm - 6:00pm

    • Grappling
      • After the takedown/throw
      • Grappling basics
      • "Plus sign" grappling
      • Sweeps, arm bars and chokes
      • Rolling rounds

    Registration Deadline: Weds, February 22, 2023

    Register Here!

    Warning ... this is not for those who coast or give the minimum. We will ask for your absolute best effort. You will confront your weaknesses. You will want to quit. You experience fear. But you must agree to stay for the entire event even if you suffer minor injury and watch from the sidelines (we’ll get you to the hospital for a serious injury)! 

    More details:

    Rules of the Game – Read them!

    1. Minimum age is 16. Below 18 requires parent signature.
    2. No special rank is required – just an uncommon willingness to take on a challenge!
    3. Take good care of yourself in the week leading up to the Crucible
    4. Eat well and get plenty of sleep the night before
    5. Show up early – front door locks at 6am!
    6. Bring at least 2 uniforms
    7. Rash guards recommended
    8. Soft knee pads VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
      1. Volleyball kneepads work well
      2. No hard plastic or metal knee pads or braces allowed
    9. Bring a towel or two or three
    10. Bring bottled water, Gatorade, light snacks, any medications you need
    11. Heavy food is NOT recommended!
    12. Please brush and floss your teeth before you come
    13. You MUST remove all your jewelry
    14. Bring an attitude of energy, gratitude and cooperation!
    15. No abusive, insulting or reckless words or behavior will be tolerated
    16. You will be asked to verbally commit to the process, including:
      1. To try your best without reservation
      2. To help others
      3. To vocalize and move in ways designed to help you energize and learn
      4. To put aside your limiting beliefs
      5. To try things you might not be comfortable with
      6. To stay for the entire event, even if that means sitting on the sidelines cheering on others.
      7. To share out loud what you learn
    17. Plan on being very, very fatigued the next day.
    18. No refunds for any reason whatsoever.